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Part VI: Managing Lists or Databases > Retrieving Data from External Databases

Chapter 40. Retrieving Data from External Databases

  • Understanding Microsoft Query and ODBC

    This section covers basic database terminology as well as giving a description of Microsoft Query.

  • Starting Microsoft Query

    Microsoft Query is an application that works with Microsoft Excel to make retrieving data easy.

  • Beginning Your Query: Working with Data Sources

    This section discusses how to create a data source for your query so that the correct drivers are loaded for the database used in the query being created.

  • Using Query Wizard

    Query Wizard is an easy-to-use tool for quick, simple query design

  • Using Microsoft Query Without the Query Wizard

    Microsoft Query allows you to work in more detail to customize and view your data retrieval.

  • Working with SQL Queries

    Query Wizard gives you the option of editing a query through the use of the Structured Query Language.

  • Joining Multiple Tables

    Microsoft Query has several functions for working with joins.

Excel is supplied with the stand-alone program Microsoft Query. By using Microsoft Query, you can retrieve specific information from external databases (such as dBASE, Access, Paradox, and SQL Server) and then insert that data into your current worksheet. You can sort, format, or edit the data before inserting it into your worksheet. This process can be done using Microsoft Query or Query Wizard. Query Wizard is an easy-to-use interface to Microsoft Query that walks you through the steps of creating a query. Query Wizard makes query creation quicker and easier than ever before.

This chapter describes how Microsoft Query works and then explains some of the database terms that you need to know. Next, the chapter describes how to make Microsoft Query available from Excel and explains how to start Microsoft Query, retrieve data from an external source, and insert that data into your Excel worksheet. This chapter also describes how to format and edit data in Microsoft Query, how to update the results of a query in your worksheet, and how to copy the data to other worksheets.



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