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Part VI: Managing Lists or Databases > Working with Filtered Data

Chapter 39. Working with Filtered Data

  • Edit, sort, subtotal, print, and chart filtered lists

    A filtered list can be treated like the entire worksheet. It can be edited, sorted, subtotaled, printed and charted.

  • Copy filtered data to a new worksheet or workbook

    You can create a copy of the filtered data to work with to protect the original list information.

  • Remove duplicate records from filtered lists

    As new data is entered into the list, information may be added twice to the list. You can remove these duplicate records easily.

  • Remove records you no longer want

    You can also remove records that are no longer needed or wanted from the list.

This chapter shows you how to work with data in a list, after you have filtered out unwanted information.

There are many reasons for filtering a list. You might want to examine or edit only certain information. By filtering out unwanted information, you can make a list easier to work in. After you filter information in your list, you might want to do more than just examine it. You might want to sort it, subtotal it, or create a chart from it. It is convenient and safer to work with a copy of filtered data that you have placed on a separate worksheet or workbook. Because the information in your list is probably valuable to you, you should learn how to maintain its integrity and safety.



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