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Part VI: Managing Lists or Databases > Entering Data with the Template Wizard

Chapter 36. Entering Data with the Template Wizard

  • Understand Template Wizard's Purpose

    You can design and create a worksheet to collect data and use the Template Wizard to move that information into a worksheet list or another database format like Access.

  • Use Excel's form building features

    Excel has many features to assist you with creating a data entry form, including data checking formulas, drop-down lists, check boxes, and option buttons.

  • Introducing Template Wizard's database file types

    The Template Wizard supports a variety of database formats in addition to storing the data in an Excel workbook.

  • Understand how to use your form to save data in many formats

    In addition to creating the worksheet that will serve as your data entry form, you will need to set up the Template Wizard settings to store the information in the correct file and format.

One of the more frequent tasks Excel is called on to perform is accepting data that will later be transferred to a database program. With the Template Wizard, you create a data entry form in an Excel worksheet, then run the Template Wizard to turn the workbook into a data entry template.

When you want to enter data into the database, you just open the template, enter the data, then save the workbook. When you save the workbook, the data you specified is saved into the database file. The database file doesn't even have to be in an Excel worksheet. It can be any one of the common database file formats such as Access, dBASE, FoxPro, and so on.



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