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Part I: Everyday Worksheet Tasks > Navigating and Selecting in a Workbook

Chapter 3. Navigating and Selecting in a Workbook

  • Move between and select sheets within a workbook

    Organize your calculations, charts, and databases by putting them on different sheets in a workbook. Move between the sheets with a click or a keystroke.

  • Scroll, pan, or zoom the contents of a sheet

    Move quickly across the contents of a worksheet to locate information you want to work with. Use the Intellimouse to move more efficiently.

  • Move to locations on a worksheet

    Jump to cell references, ranges, or named locations on a worksheet with Go To.

  • Select a cell or range of cells

    Learn tricks that enable you to easily select large or small ranges, select separate areas as a single range, and move within a selected range.

Many business projects on which you work require multiple sheets of paper containing related information. It's rare that a budget, model, or financial projection can be done on a single large sheet of paper. In fact, putting all that information on a single sheet may make the work difficult to grasp.

Microsoft Excel 97 is designed around the concept that you probably work with multiple sheets of related information. In fact, a new workbook opened using the default settings contains three worksheets. (Microsoft Excel 95 opened 16 worksheets as a default.)

To enter and format information or formulas in an Excel sheet, you must be able to move around in the sheets and move between sheets in the workbook. Excel worksheets can be very large. If one worksheet were a piece of paper, the entire sheet would measure as wide as two cars and stand as tall as a 120-story building! To find and select things on a worksheet, you need to know how to get around efficiently.



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