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Part I: Everyday Worksheet Tasks > Getting Around in Excel and Windows

Chapter 2. Getting Around in Excel and Windows

  • Start and quit Excel

    Click the Start button or choose a workbook, chart, or macro file from Windows Explorer to start Excel. Exit by using menu commands or clicking the Close button.

  • Choose commands and make selections in dialog boxes

    Some commands execute when selected from a menu while others don't execute until you choose OK from a dialog box. Commands that are followed by an ellipsis (…) require additional information entered in a dialog box.

  • Operate Excel using the keyboard or the mouse

    Press Alt followed by the underlined letter to choose commands with the keyboard. Most actions, however, are significantly easier using the mouse.

  • Manipulate windows

    Learn to run multiple applications in Windows and multiple documents in Excel.

  • Use toolbars

    Gain quick access to frequently used commands using toolbars.

This chapter is the place to start if you are not familiar with Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Excel. You can use the ideas and concepts that you learn here in all your Excel operations. In fact, what you learn in your first Windows application carries over to other Windows applications.

You learn how to control Excel's menus and dialog boxes and the windows that contain Excel and its worksheets, charts, and macro workbooks. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to choose commands from menus, select options from dialog boxes, and manipulate windows on-screen. You need to know these techniques to run the application. Beyond such basic tasks, you should be able to organize windows so that you can access and use multiple worksheets at once, and be able to clear off your desktop so that you can concentrate on one job.



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