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Part VIII: Customizing and Automating Ex... > Creating Custom Toolbars and Menus

Chapter 45. Creating Custom Toolbars and Menus

  • Add and change toolbar buttons

    Customize existing toolbars by removing toolbar buttons you don't use and adding buttons for commands you use frequently.

  • Create toolbars

    Create new toolbars with collections of toolbar buttons you use for specific tasks. You can even attach Visual Basic macro procedures to a toolbar button.

  • Add and modify menus

    Customize existing menus by adding and removing commands and create new menus from scratch.

  • Attach macros to buttons and menus

    Write your own procedures in Visual Basic for Applications and run these procedures using a custom toolbar button or menu command.

Part of the power of Excel for Windows comes from its flexibility; you can change its shape to fit your work habits. You can create and modify toolbars, buttons, menu bars, and menus. You can add Excel commands that don't normally appear on the toolbar or menu. You can even assign macros and Visual Basic procedures to commands, tools, or buttons. This flexibility allows you to create your own customized workbook such as the on-screen policy manual shown in Figure 45.1.

Figure 45.1. Customize menus and toolbars. You even can assign your own macros or procedures.


Visual Basic procedures as well as Excel 4 macros can be assigned to menu commands and buttons.



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