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Chapter 16. Modifying Charts

  • Select chart objects

    Charts are made up of objects, such as markers, legends, and axes, and you must select an object before you can modify it.

  • Choose a chart type

    One of the first steps in creating a chart is to select from one of Excel's 14 chart types to present your data exactly as you want.

  • Add and delete data

    Once you have created a chart, you can add or delete data points to an existing data series, or add or delete a data series.

  • Work with data series formulas

    Learning about the data series formula can be useful for creating charts that have non-standard layouts and for editing the data series.

  • Insert text and other objects into a chart

    Enhance your charts with text, such as chart and axes titles, legends, gridlines, and other objects.

After you have created a chart in Excel, you can modify the chart in many ways. The first modification you may want to make is to change the type of chart you are using. You may decide that you can present your data more effectively with a 3-D column chart than with the default 2-D column chart. You also can add titles, a legend, and other text to your chart to make it easier to understand. If you need to, you can add new data series or data points, or delete existing data series.

In this chapter, you learn how to modify the charts you have created in Excel. In the following chapter, you learn how to format different objects in your chart so that you have a custom chart that looks exactly the way you want.



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