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Chapter 15. Creating Charts

  • The charting process

    Learn the terms Excel uses to describe charts and the basic principles for creating a chart.

  • Use the Chart Wizard

    The Chart Wizard will guide you through all the steps involved in creating a chart from data on a worksheet.

  • Create a chart automatically

    You can bypass the Chart Wizard and create a chart with one keystroke if your data meet the criteria for creating a chart automatically.

  • Modify links between a chart and its worksheet

    A chart is linked to the data used to create the chart and you can modify these links if necessary.

  • Print charts

    Embedded charts can be printed with the worksheet in which they are located. Charts on a chart sheet can be printed separately.

Using Excel, you can create charts appropriate for any boardroom presentation. When you analyze a worksheet or database and need to visually present the results, you can use any of Excel's predesigned formats or completely customize the chart by adding text, arrows, titles, and legends as well as changing shading, overlay, patterns, and borders. When you print the chart on a laser printer or plotter, the quality rivals charts created by graphic art firms.

This chapter explains the details of creating a chart. The following two chapters explain how to modify and format charts by using the custom formatting features available for Excel charts. After finishing these three chapters, you will be able to meet the majority of business charting needs. The final two charting chapters show some techniques for creating more complex charts and for using charts and maps to analyze your data.

Figures 15.1 and 15.2 show examples of charts you can create by using Excel. Figure 15.1 shows a chart in its own document. Figure 15.2 illustrates how you can embed charts on a worksheet. Embedded charts display and print with the worksheet.

Figure 15.1. You can insert an excel chart on its own sheet, separate from the worksheet you use to create the chart.

Figure 15.2. You can embed an excel chart on a worksheet to enhance the presentation of your data.



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