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Part V: Analyzing the Worksheet > Using the Analysis ToolPak

Chapter 33. Using the Analysis ToolPak

  • Using the Analysis ToolPak

    The Analysis ToolPak is an add-in that allows you to perform sophisticated statistical analyses.

  • Working with histograms

    Histograms allow you to create a table where values in a data set are counted into bins.

  • Overview of ToolPak commands and functions

    The section contains tables giving an overview of the commands and functions included in the ToolPak add-in.

The Analysis ToolPak is an extensive and powerful collection of tools added to Microsoft Excel. Once added with the help of add-in macro sheets, these features are implemented using dynamic link libraries, which are fast and efficient.

Most of the commands and functions in the Analysis ToolPak are designed for specific, technical purposes. If you do not know what some mean, you probably do not need them. If you are not a highly technical user, however, do not simply skip this chapter. Some of these tools are useful for a wide variety of problems. This chapter helps you to sift through the Analysis ToolPak to find those parts you can put to use. Because these tools all work in a consistent way, highly technical users also learn in this chapter how to apply the tools they need.

First, you must have an idea of what the ToolPak is and how it works. The Analysis ToolPak contains two parts:

  • Commands that are available through the Data Analysis command on the Tools menu. The ToolPak includes 17 statistical commands and two engineering commands. (Table 33.1 at the end of this chapter lists all these commands.)

  • Functions that you can use from a worksheet, just like any other functions. The ToolPak includes 47 mathematics and engineering functions, four date and time functions, two information functions, and 37 financial functions. (Tables 33.2 and 33.3 at the end of this chapter list all these functions.)

Many statistical functions are directly built into Excel, and therefore technically are not part of the Analysis ToolPak. See Chapter 7, "Using Functions," for more information on built-in functions.



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