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Part V: Analyzing the Worksheet >  Testing Multiple Solutions with Scenarios

Chapter 32. Testing Multiple Solutions with Scenarios

  • Create multiple scenarios in a worksheet model

    Create multiple scenarios that store and use different input values for running a worksheet model.

  • Use scenarios for what-if analysis

    Analyze the behavior of a worksheet model using different scenarios to carry out sophisticated what-if analyses.

  • Create summaries of results of various scenarios

    Summarize the results of your what-if analyses using different scenarios in a report.

  • Keep track of changes in scenarios over time

    Use the scenario manager to keep track of scenarios as they are created and modified.

W orksheets are ideally suited for what- -if analysis. You enter values into key cells and watch what happens to the dependent cells. Although this procedure enables you to easily enter new sets of input values, reconstructing the values in previous scenarios is often tedious. In many situations, you need to look at several alternatives.

Microsoft Excel manages multiple scenarios by storing values from input data cells under scenario names that you assign. These values are stored in the worksheet as hidden names. You can keep several versions—or scenarios—of input values and switch easily among them. When you want to view the results from a different scenario of input values, you just choose a different named scenario.



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