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Part V: Analyzing the Worksheet > Linking, Embedding, and Consolidating Workshe...

Chapter 29. Linking, Embedding, and Consolidating Worksheets

  • Link pictures of worksheet cells

    Learn how to take a linked picture of a worksheet area that can be embedded in any worksheet.

  • Link worksheet cells and ranges

    Link data from cells in one worksheet to cells in another worksheet so you can break up a large worksheet into smaller modules.

  • Consolidate worksheets

    Bring together and summarize data from multiple worksheets into one consolidation worksheet.

Excel enables you to work with more than one worksheet and workbook at a time. You can copy a chart or worksheet range and embed it as a picture on the worksheet. You can link workbooks so that changes in one workbook update another workbook, and you can consolidate worksheets so that data from multiple worksheets accumulates into one worksheet.

You can use linking to divide a large business system into its component workbooks and worksheets. You can test each workbook and worksheet separately, and then link the workbooks together to produce an integrated system. You can create links that always update or that update only on your request.

Excel's capability of linking pictures enables you to bring together pictures of cells and charts from different documents and arrange them on one page. This capability gives you the power to work in separate documents but organize the printed results the way you want to present them, enabling you to produce presentation-quality reports from your worksheet data.

Consolidation enables you to bring together data from multiple worksheets and workbooks into one worksheet. Consolidation is often used to accumulate budgets or forecasts from multiple divisions into a unified corporate budget or forecast. Excel enables you to fix these consolidations so that they don't change, or to link them so that the consolidations update when division data changes. Linked consolidations automatically build an outline.



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