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Part V: Analyzing the Worksheet > Building Forms with Controls

Chapter 26. Building Forms with Controls

  • Understand controls

    Controls allow you to create input devices on your worksheets so that you can make data input easier for yourself and other users.

  • Add controls to a worksheet

    Using the Forms toolbar, create a wide variety of controls on your worksheet including scrolling lists, pull-down lists, check boxes, and scroll bars.

  • Enhance controls

    In addition to basic formatting of controls, there are several properties you can use to enhance a control's functionality.

Excel is an excellent vehicle for creating forms that involve calculations. Excel's worksheets are easy to format so they appear as attractive as printed forms, yet Excel can calculate results and look up table information, which is impossible to do on a paper form.

In the past, a detriment to using a worksheet to enter data and do calculations was that complex formulas or macros were often needed to check data. Most worksheets let the occasional data entry error go rather than take the time to create data-checking formulas or data-entry macros or procedure. Also, making a worksheet data-entry area as appealing as a well-done dialog box was difficult.

You can place on a worksheet the same type of data-entry controls as you can place in a dialog box run by a macro or Visual Basic procedure. Controls are data-entry objects, such as scrolling lists or check boxes. When you enter a value in a control or make a selection from a control, the entry appears in a worksheet cell, and the control makes sure that you can only make valid entries.

To use controls you don't need to know how to program, you only need to know how to make selections from a dialog box. You do need a mouse, however, to draw these controls onto a worksheet.



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