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Attaching Files

You can send, or attach, files—word processing documents, spreadsheets, programs, data files, and so on—with a mail message to anyone on the Notes network. To attach a file to a message, follow these steps:

  1. In your mailbox, create a new memo as described in Lesson 7. Enter the addressing information and any message you want to send.

  2. With your insertion point within the body text brackets, choose File, Attach. The Create Attachment(s) dialog box appears (see Figure 9.2).

    Figure 9.2. Choose the file you want to attach to a mail message.

  3. In the Look in drop-down list, select the drive and directory containing the file you want to attach. (You can attach any file from your local drive, from a floppy drive, or from the network drive.)

  4. Select the file from the list, or type the file name in the File name text box.

  5. (Optional) Choose the Compress check box if you want Notes to compress the file.


    Compress the File? If you choose to compress the attached file, the file is packed, or reduced in size, to speed up the transfer over the network. The recipient of the compressed file won't know the difference; Notes decompresses the file automatically when the recipient opens it.

  6. Choose Create. An icon representing the file and the file's name appear in your memo (see Figure 9.3).

  7. When you're finished with the message, send it as you normally would.

    Figure 9.3. Attach one or multiple files to a memo, invitation, or other mail message.



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