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Chapter 8. Setting Mail Options > Choosing Delivery Options

Choosing Delivery Options

Notes lets you control the details of how and when it delivers your mail messages. You can choose delivery options to request a delivery report or to set a priority level for your mail, for example. You must set delivery options before you send your mail message. Table 8.1 describes the available delivery options.

Table 8.1. Delivery Options
ImportanceTags the message with an importance level (Normal, High, or Low) that the recipient can see.
Mood stampProvides additional messages you can add to your memo. Select a mood, and Notes adds a graphic and/or text (such as "Thank You," "Good Job," "FYI," or "Joke") to your memo.
Delivery reportTells Notes to place a report in your mailbox that indicates how the delivery of your message went. You can have Notes confirm the delivery, trace the path of the delivery, report only on failure of the delivery, or not report at all.
Delivery priorityMarks the message as Normal, High, or Low priority. Priority governs how quickly the mail is delivered across the network.
SignAdds a unique code to your message that identifies you as the sender.
EncryptEncodes the message so that no one but the intended recipient can read it.
Return receiptPlaces a receipt in your mailbox that tells you the time and date the recipient received the message.
Prevent copyingPrevents the recipient from copying your message.



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