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Lesson 25. Linking Information > Understanding Linking and Embedding - Pg. 128

128 Chapter 25. Linking Information In this lesson, you learn about linking and embedding data to your database documents. Understanding Linking and Embedding Most Windows applications enable object linking and embedding (OLE) between applications and between documents; Notes is no exception. You use linking and embedding as a method of sharing data between documents so you can save time in your work. You also use these features so that your data can quickly and easily be updated. For example, suppose you create a document about the first quarter sales within a Notes database. Suppose also that you have all of your sales figures in an Excel spreadsheet. You can link a copy of the spreadsheet to the Notes document so that your readers can open the spreadsheet file and view your data. And as a bonus, if you choose to link the document, any changes you make in the Excel spreadsheet automatically update the link in your Notes document. When you link data, you copy the data from one document or application (called the source), and