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Lesson 4. Getting Help

Lesson 4. Getting Help

In this lesson, you learn to search for Help topics, get context-sensitive help, and get help about the task on which you're working.

Notes provides Help from your local drive and from the server. The help you'll most likely use is that on your local drive, which is called Help Lite because it supplies quick access to information and descriptions of the most common features you'll be using in Notes. The help you access through the server, Help, contains all of Help Lite plus more advanced subjects that deal with the network, server operation, and so on. Help and Help Lite work the same.

Figure 4.1 shows the Notes Help Lite window. The navigation pane (on the left side of the window) displays the types of help you can get, and the topics pane (on the right side of the window) shows specific topics.

The navigation pane lists the following types of help:

Contents Displays Help topics specific to common tasks and procedures, troubleshooting, and new features added to Notes.

Index Displays an alphabetical list of Help topics. Scroll through the list using the scroll bars, and select a topic by double-clicking it. In many cases, when you select a topic, more related topics appear in the list below it.

Visual Index Displays the contents of the Help database with navigators.

Search Displays an alphabetical list of phrases and words from which you can choose to view Help. If you prefer, you can also search for specific topics using the Search bar.

Printed Books Displays a list of topics found in 4.5 Guides and Books in order of their appearance in the printed book.

Favorite Topics This folder is provided so that you can easily reference frequently used help topics. You can drag and drop help documents to this folder.

Figure 4.1. Choose the type of help you want.



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