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Chapter 7. Creating and Sending Mail > Using the Address Book

Using the Address Book

Your Notes administrator most likely keeps up a company address book that you can use to quickly and easily find and address your mail. You may also have your own personal address book you can use. Address books usually appear on the first workspace page. Like your mailbox, the address book is a button with an icon, but its icon has a picture of an open book. The following steps teach you how to use the address book.

  1. Open a new memo by clicking the New Memo tool button. Notes displays a blank memo with your personal heading.

  2. Click the Address tool button, and the Mail Address dialog box appears (see Figure 7.4).

    Figure 7.4. Use the address book to see who's available in your company or domain.

  3. Open the drop-down list in the upper-left corner and choose the address book you want to look through (your company's address book, your personal book, or another domain's book, for example). Which books appear in the list depends on how your Notes administrator configured your mailbox.

  4. In the list of addresses, select one recipient by clicking on his or her name. To select multiple recipients, click to the left of the desired names to display a check mark.

  5. After selecting the recipient(s), choose one of the following buttons:

    ToAddresses the message to the selected recipients.
    ccSends a carbon copy to each selected recipient.
    bccSends a blind carbon copy to each selected recipient.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog box. Notes lists the selected names in the memo. Complete the memo, and then send it or send and file it.



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