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Chapter 8. Finding Stray Notes > Crafting a Search

Crafting a Search

To tell OneNote precisely what you are searching for, you can enter operators or quotation marks in addition to search words in the Find box. An operator is a word—OR, AND, or NEAR—that tells OneNote how to search. You can use operators when you search with more than one word. You must enter operators in the Find box in uppercase letters so OneNote can distinguish them from search words. The following table explains how to use operators and quotation marks.

Type of SearchOperatorExampleResults
Any wordORCatherine OR MikeNotes that contain either the word Catherine, the word Mike, or both words. Use the OR operator to produce broad searches that find many notes.
All wordsANDCatherine AND MikeNotes that contain the word Catherine as well as the word Mike. Use the AND operator to produce narrow searches that find fewer notes.
Words must be in same paragraphNEARCatherine NEAR MikeNotes that contain both the word Catherine and the word Mike in the same paragraph. A NEAR search is similar to an AND search, except the words must be in the same paragraph as well as the same note. NEAR is the default way of searching. You don’t have to enter the word NEAR.
Exact phrase“”“Catherine’s co-worker Mike”Notes that contain the phrase Catherine’s co-worker Mike. This search method produces the smallest number of results. Use it to pinpoint specific phrases or number sequences in notes.



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