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Chapter 4. Creating Free-Form Notes and ... > Highlighting Text and Customizing th...

Highlighting Text and Customizing the Pens

The Pen drop-down menu includes four thin pens in black, blue, green, and red, and four thick pens in the same colors. It also includes four highlighters in yellow, turquoise, green, and black. You can choose a different color and thickness for any of these pens and highlighters. Highlighting text in a note is useful when you want to point out the parts of notes that merit extra attention. To highlight a note, click the highlighter tool you want, and drag over the appropriate text.


Unfortunately, you can’t move notes after you highlight note text because each highlight is actually a drawing in and of itself. If you move the note, the highlights don’t move with the note, which renders the highlights meaningless. If you want to highlight text in a note, make sure you won’t have to move the note later.

In this exercise, you highlight text in a note and then you customize a pen or highlighter.

Click the Pen down arrow, and click one of the four highlighters on the bottom third of the menu.

You can also click one of the last four buttons on the Pens toolbar to select a highlighter. The pointer reflects the highlighter color you chose.

Drag over the text you want to highlight.

As you drag, you create a drawing canvas that fits over the text you are highlighting.

Click the Pen down arrow again, and click Customize Current Pen.

The Customize Current Pen dialog box appears.

Enter a descriptive name for your new pen or highlighter in the Pen Name text box.

Click the Pen color down arrow, and click a color.

Click the Pen thickness (mm) down arrow, and specify how wide the lines drawn with this pen or highlighter should be.

Click OK.

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