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Chapter 4. Creating Free-Form Notes and ... > Modifying Drawings and the Drawing P...

Modifying Drawings and the Drawing Page

Not everyone gets it right the first time, and drawn notes often need editing. OneNote includes the Eraser button and resizing tools so you can tinker with your drawings until you get them right:

  • Click the Eraser button, and drag over the parts of a drawing you want to remove. By clicking the button’s down arrow, you can display a menu of erasers of different sizes. Click the Stroke eraser on a line to remove an entire line at once. The Eraser button is located on the Standard toolbar and the Drawing and Writing Tools toolbar.

  • Select a drawing note (click the Type/Selection Tool button and drag over it) and then drag a resizing handle to change the drawing’s size or proportions. By dragging a corner handle, you can change the drawing’s size and keep its proportions; by dragging a side handle, you can change the drawing’s proportions and its size simultaneously.


To move a drawing, select it, position the pointer over the drawing, and when the pointer changes to the four-headed arrow, drag the drawing to its new location.

Drawings have a way of filling up pages, so finding room on a page for a new drawing can be problematic. OneNote includes two ways to get more room for drawings. To shunt drawing canvases and note containers aside, use one of these techniques:

  • Click the Insert Extra Writing Space button, move the pointer to the middle of the window, and drag downward. As you drag, all notes and drawings below the pointer are moved down the page. Chapter 3, “Writing Notes” explains this button in more detail.

  • Click the Enlarge Page icon to immediately add several inches of space to the bottom of the page. This icon is located in the lower-right corner of the screen next to the scrollbar arrows.

    If you accidentally add too much space to a page, click the Undo button and start all over.

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