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Conventions and Features

Conventions and Features

You can save time when you use this book by understanding how the Step by Step series shows special instructions, keys to press, buttons to click, and so on.


This icon indicates a reference to the book’s companion CD.
USE OPENAt the beginning of step-by-step exercises that use practice files, a paragraph beginning with one of these words draw your attention to practice files that you use in the exercise.
CLOSEAt the end of step-by-step exercises, a paragraph beginning with this word gives instructions for closing open files or programs before moving on to another topic.
Numbered steps guide you through hands-on exercises in each topic.

A round bullet indicates an exercise that has only one step.
TroubleshootingThese paragraphs show you how to fix a common problem that might prevent you from continuing with the exercise.
TipThese paragraphs provide a helpful hint or shortcut that makes working through a task easier.
ImportantThese paragraphs point out information that you need to know to complete a procedure.

The first time you are told to click a button in an exercise, a picture of the button appears in the left margin. If the name of the button does not appear on the button itself, the name appears under the picture.

A plus sign (+) between two key names means that you must hold down the first key while you press the second key. For example, “press means “hold down the key while you press the key.”
Black bold typeIn steps, the names of program elements, such as buttons, commands, and dialog boxes, are shown in black bold type.
Blue bold typeAnything you are supposed to type appears in blue bold type.
Blue italic typeTerms that are explained in the glossary at the end of the book are shown in blue italic type.

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