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Chapter 13. Preparing for an Office Mult... > Office 2003 Multilingual Deployment ...

Office 2003 Multilingual Deployment Strategies

Once you select the Microsoft Office 2003 multilingual resources to use for your organization, you need to choose an appropriate deployment strategy. Your strategy will depend on the structure of your organization and the languages your users need, and will likely consider whether you:

  • Deploy from a centralized administrative location.

    Customize an installation of Office with the language resources required by a specific area in your company—for example, add the German Multilingual User Interface Pack for a division located in Germany. Then deploy the custom installation from a centralized administrative location—for example, a server at the central office in London.

  • Distribute Office to subsidiaries to deploy from there.

    Deploy to your international administrative departments and allow the administrative department in each subsidiary to customize the installation to meet its language needs.

  • Choose one or several administrative installation points in your Office deployment.

    Using one administrative installation point might enable a more centralized deployment strategy, while using several might provide flexibility for several local customizations.

  • Time your multilingual customizations to fall before, with, or after an Office deployment, and choose whether to use deployment tools such as Group Policy software installation or Microsoft Systems Management Server.



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