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Chapter 12. Customizing Outlook 2003 to ... > Outlook Security Template Settings - Pg. 213

Customizing Outlook 2003 to Help Prevent Viruses 213 Ensuring that security settings are properly created Every time a security setting is created or saved, the administrator will be prompted twice for cre- dentials (when running on Exchange 2000 or later). If no credentials are entered or if the wrong credentials are entered, an "Operation Failed" error message will appear. At this point, the security setting has been created but will not work correctly. The administrator must delete the security item and recreate it. If the item created is not deleted, then the item will be applied to everybody, including users to whom you did not intend to apply the item. Editing security settings If the administrator adds a user to the Members field of an existing security form, the administrator should make sure that all aliases already present in the form are current and active. Note If you add the alias of a new member to an existing security form, the change may not be correctly registered unless you make other changes to the form as well. For example, you might toggle another setting on and off, or otherwise activate the form through some inter- action. After you have added the new alias and activated the form, you can choose Save from the File menu of the form to save your changes. Outlook Security Template Settings