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Chapter 5. Using Microsoft Word’s Editin... > What Kind of Editing Can You Do with...

What Kind of Editing Can You Do with Word?

Because there are different kinds of errors in a document, Word gives you the following ways to correct those errors:

  • Line-by-line corrections.

    Your common typo is the kind of correction for which you must position the mouse pointer where the error occurs, erase the errant character, and type the correct one. Other line-by-line corrections are simple text editing, deleting and adding words, and revising phrases. This kind of correction always involves positioning the cursor and then deleting text, retyping text, or both.

  • Block corrections.

    When you need to move a paragraph, change the location of a heading, or change the order of sections in your document, you will select the text you need to work with, which highlights it as a block. Word has a number of shortcut keys and tools that make working with blocks of text easier.

  • Automatic corrections.

    Word builds in a number of corrections that take place without your doing anything at all. AutoCorrect is a feature that corrects common errors as you type. The Spelling And Grammar checker scans through your document and evaluates the words you’ve used and the way you’ve used them.

  • Collaborative editing.

    Word also makes it easy for a number of people to leave their mark on a team document. Using the Track Changes feature, one person can write the document, another can edit, a third can review it, and all three people can see the comments and changes that others have made. In addition, the Online Collaboration feature enables those people to meet online and have a discussion about the document in progress.



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