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Creating a Hyperlink

You can create links in your Word document so that readers who are viewing your document on the screen can move right to the sites and files you mention. In addition to linking to other Web pages and files, you can create e-mail links so that interested readers can e-mail you directly in response to your document. To create a hyperlink in your document, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by selecting the item you want to link. If the item is a phrase of text or a Web address, highlight the text. If the item is a graphic image such as a button or photograph, click it to select it.

  2. Press Ctrl+K (or choose Hyperlink from the Insert menu). The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 7-10.

    Figure 7-10. You can create hyperlinks for text and images in your Word documents using the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

  3. You can select whether you want to link to an existing Web page, a new document, or an e-mail address by clicking the Link To object in the far left side of the dialog box. The settings in the rest of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box change according to your choice.

  4. Choose the file to which you want to link if you see it displayed in the Look In list, or enter the Web address in the Address line at the bottom of the dialog box.

    If you are creating an e-mail link, the Insert Hyperlink dialog box changes to allow you to enter the e-mail address, and any subject you want displayed in the Subject line. When a reader clicks the text you’ve used for the hyperlink, a new e-mail message will open in his or her e-mail program with your e-mail address and the Subject line filled in.

  5. Click OK to create the hyperlink. When you return to the document, you will be able to see that the hyperlink has been generated because the pointer changes to a hand when you hold the mouse pointer over the link.


    Office XP also allows you to create your own ScreenTips that pop up over links in your document. To create a ScreenTip, select the link to which you want to add the ScreenTip, and then press Ctrl+K to display the Edit Hyperlink dialog box. Click the ScreenTip button and enter the ScreenTip text in the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box that appears.



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