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Chapter 16. Scheduling with Microsoft Ou... > Understanding Outlook’s Calendar - Pg. 229

229 Chapter 16. Scheduling with Microsoft Outlook If you've ever felt like the frantic White Rabbit ("I'm late! I'm late!") from Alice in Wonderland , you know what a great thing it can be to discover a few extra minutes in the day. How often have you sighed with relief when a meeting was cancelled at the last minute or when a project you were dreading was moved down the priority list? Microsoft Outlook includes a number of features that can help you discover more time in your day. Using the Outlook's Calendar, for example, you can bring your tasks and appointments together and create schedules that make sense for everyone in your group. Sound ambitious? It's not too tough--but, like everything in Outlook, if you use the feature religiously, you'll stay organized and discover you have more free time than you thought you did. So let's get started. There's no time to waste.