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Chapter 22. Publishing Your Pages > Publishing Your Site

Publishing Your Site

Putting your Web site on the Web is called publishing your site in FrontPage. The process actually involves packaging your site in a certain way and then copying the files—as well as all the graphics, fonts, bells, and whistles—to the destination folder on the Web server that will host your site. When you’re ready to publish your site, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Publish Web from the File menu. If you’ve changed anything on the site since the last time you saved the file, FrontPage will prompt you to save the file before publishing. If you see this prompt, click OK.

  2. In the Publish Destination dialog box (shown in Figure 22-2), type the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address, the FTP address, or the path to the folder that contains your finished Web site.

    Figure 22-2. The Publish Destination dialog box asks for the location on the Web where your site will appear.

  3. Type the address for the Web or ftp site, and then click OK. FrontPage checks the site address you entered and may display the following message:

  4. Type the User Name and Password you have been given for access to your Web server space (your ISP or system administrator will give you this information), and then click OK.

  5. If you have entered the name of a folder that has not been created, a message appears telling you that the folder does not exist and asks whether you want FrontPage to create it. Click OK and FrontPage creates the folder as needed.

  6. FrontPage then displays the Publish Web dialog box, listing all the files that comprise your site (as shown in Figure 22-3). Click Publish to begin posting the files to the Web. FrontPage displays a status bar showing you the progress of the posting.

    Figure 22-3. The Publish Web dialog box lists all the files that make up your site as FrontPage prepares to publish your site to the Web.



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