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Chapter 20. First, the Basics  > Creating a Web Site - Pg. 276

First, the Basics 276 Where Will Your Web Site Go? Before you create a Web page, you need to think about where it will appear. You'll need to have a hosting location for the site--an account with an Internet service provider, or ISP. There are many national and local ISPs who can set you up with a Web account and give you a Universal Resource Locator, or URL (also known as a Web address ). The URL is the piece of information you need to tell FrontPage where your finished Web site will appear. Creating a Web Site The process for creating a Web site is easier than you might think. If you don't need to add anything fancy--perhaps just a couple of headings, some body text, and a picture or two--you can create a Web page in just minutes. Ready? Let's go through the process from start to finish: 1. 2. 3. Start Microsoft FrontPage. If the task pane doesn't appear, choose New from the File menu and select Page Or Web. In the New From Templates area, click Web Site Templates. In the Web Site Templates dialog box, shown in Figure 20-2, click the different template icons to find the one you want. The Description area changes to show you what each of the Web sites are meant to do. Select the template you want to use, and then click OK. Figure 20-2. To create a Web site the fast and easy way, use a Web site template. 4. A wizard starts, ready to lead you through the creation of the Web site you selected. Depending on the template you select, the wizard will ask you to choose your preferences for a number of items related to the site. For example, the Corporate Presence Web Wizard asks about the following: