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Chapter 20. First, the Basics  > Creating a Web Site

Creating a Web Site

The process for creating a Web site is easier than you might think. If you don’t need to add anything fancy—perhaps just a couple of headings, some body text, and a picture or two—you can create a Web page in just minutes. Ready? Let’s go through the process from start to finish:

  1. Start Microsoft FrontPage. If the task pane doesn’t appear, choose New from the File menu and select Page Or Web.

  2. In the New From Templates area, click Web Site Templates.

  3. In the Web Site Templates dialog box, shown in Figure 20-2, click the different template icons to find the one you want. The Description area changes to show you what each of the Web sites are meant to do. Select the template you want to use, and then click OK.

    Figure 20-2. To create a Web site the fast and easy way, use a Web site template.

  4. A wizard starts, ready to lead you through the creation of the Web site you selected. Depending on the template you select, the wizard will ask you to choose your preferences for a number of items related to the site. For example, the Corporate Presence Web Wizard asks about the following:

    • The main pages you want on your site (for example, What’s New, Products/Services, and so on).

    • The topics you want to be displayed on your home page.

    • The topics you want to address on your What’s New page (assuming that you selected it as a main page you want to include).

    • The number of products and services pages you want to create.

    • Specific details about what you want to include for information about your products and services.

    • The information you want to request from visitors filling in the feedback form on your site.

    • Whether the information in the feedback form should be saved in tab-delimited format so that you can easily use it in a database.

    • Items about your table of contents page, such as whether you want to update it automatically and use bullets to identify main pages.

    • What you want to appear at the top (header) and bottom (footer) of each Web page in your site.

    • Whether you want to display an “under construction” icon on those pages that you’re working on.

    • The title of your company, the short name (if you have one), and the company address.

    • Your company’s contact info, including telephone, fax, and e-mail addresses.

    Whew! As you can see, the FrontPage Web Wizard doesn’t leave much to chance. Once you answer all these different questions, you’re almost finished. Next, you need to choose the look you want for your Web page.


    If you select the One Page Web template, a wizard does not start; instead, FrontPage creates a single-page Web site and displays the Folder List so that you can customize the page as needed.

  5. Click Choose Web Theme if you want FrontPage to design the Web site with coordinated buttons, fonts, rules, and other elements. The Choose Theme dialog box appears so that you can browse the different themes and choose the one you like (as shown in Figure 20-3). When you find your favorite, click it and click OK.

    Figure 20-3. You can choose a theme to give your Web site a coordinated look and feel.


    Be sure to select the Vivid Colors, Active Graphics, and Background Picture check boxes to see how the site design will look in full color and with all its effects. There’s a significant difference for some themes in the way you see them on the screen in the Sample window and how they appear on the Web, with all systems go. Another variable you should know about: Not all browsers display Web pages the same way. What looks great in Internet Explorer might be less attractive in Netscape. So even though you enable these options to make your site look the best it can, be sure to test the display in more than one browser.

  6. The last page of the wizard asks whether you want to see Tasks view after the Web site is created. Leave the option selected, and then click Finish. The wizard creates the site and displays a list of tasks in the main section of the FrontPage window.



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