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Part VII: Fast Web Pages with Microsoft ... > Microsoft Office XP Shortcut Keys

Appendix B. Microsoft Office XP Shortcut Keys

As you’ve learned throughout the book, one of the great advantages of Microsoft Office XP is the way you can learn certain tasks—such as printing, saving, opening, and closing documents—in one Office application and then apply that knowledge (and the same keystrokes) in other applications. This list assembles all the Office shortcut keys you’ll use with the various programs. Commands followed by a program name in parentheses, such as Delete (Outlook), indicate that the shortcut key is available only in that program for that purpose.

To Do This Press This Found in This Menu
New Ctrl+N File
Open Ctrl+O File
Save Ctrl+S File
Print Ctrl+P File
Undo Ctrl+Z Edit
Repeat Ctrl+Y Edit
Cut Ctrl+X Edit
Copy Ctrl+C Edit
Delete (Outlook) Ctrl+D Edit
Mark as Read (Outlook) Ctrl+Q Edit
Move to Folder (Outlook) Ctrl+Shift+V Edit
Paste Ctrl+V Edit
Select All Ctrl+A Edit
Find Ctrl+F Edit
Replace Ctrl+H Edit
Go To Ctrl+G Edit
Rename (Access) F2 Edit
Refresh (Access) F5 Edit
Reveal Tags (FrontPage) Ctrl+/ View
Hyperlink Ctrl+K Insert
Bookmark (FrontPage) Ctrl+G Insert
Cells (Excel) Ctrl+1 Format
Remove Formatting (FrontPage) Ctrl+Shift+Z Format
Properties (FrontPage) Alt+Enter Format
View Show (PowerPoint) F5 Slide Show
Next Pane F6 Window
Spelling and Grammar F7 Tools
Thesaurus (FrontPage) Shift+F7 Tools
Track Changes Ctrl+Shift+E Tools
Address Book (Outlook) Ctrl+Shift+B Tools
Find (Outlook) Ctrl+E Tools
Advanced Find (Outlook) Ctrl+Shift+F Tools
New Mail Message (Outlook) Ctrl+N Actions
Follow Up (Outlook) Ctrl+Shift+G Actions
Reply (Outlook) Ctrl+R Actions
Reply to All (Outlook) Ctrl+Shift+R Actions
Forward (Outlook) Ctrl+F Actions
Help F1 Help
What’s This? Shift+F1 Help



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