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Key Points

  • PowerPoint is a presentation graphics program that makes it easy for you to create professional-quality presentations.

  • You can start a presentation by selecting a blank page, working with a design template, or using the AutoContent Wizard to suggest content based on the topic you select.

  • Add pages easily by clicking the New Slide button on the Formatting toolbar.

  • Changing the layout of a slide is a simple matter: Choose Slide Layout from the Format menu and choose the layout you want from the thumbnails displayed in the task pane.

  • PowerPoint includes layout templates that make it easy for you to add charts, clip art, tables, pictures, diagrams, and media clips.

  • You use the tools on the Formatting toolbar to make simple changes; additional options are available on the Format menu and on individual objects’ context menus.

  • Click Design on the Formatting toolbar to display the Slide Design task pane; then choose Color Schemes to choose a different color set for your presentation. You can also see how the presentation will look in black and white by clicking the Color/Grayscale tool on the Standard toolbar.

  • You will use Slide Sorter view to rearrange the slides in your presentation.

  • Run your presentation by pressing F5, and advance the slides by clicking the left mouse button or pressing the right-arrow key, Enter, or spacebar. Return to a previous slide by pressing the left-arrow key.

  • You can save your PowerPoint presentation as a Web page. Choose Save As Web Page from the File menu to save a browser-ready version of your presentation.

  • In PowerPoint you can choose to print handouts of your slides, your entire presentation, the presentation outline, or speaker notes.



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