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What’s New in Microsoft Office Word 2003

What’s New in Microsoft Office Word 2003

You’ll notice some changes as soon as you start Microsoft Office Word 2003. The user interface has been updated with a fresh new look.

Many of the features that are new or improved in this version of Word won’t be apparent to you until you start using the program. To help you quickly identify features that are new or improved with this version, this book uses the icon in the margin whenever those features are discussed or shown.

The following table lists the new features that you might be interested in, as well as the chapters in which those features are discussed.

To learn how toUsing this featureSee
View and read the document as it will appear on paper without needing to print itReading Layout viewChapter 1
View small images of each page in a documentThumbnailsChapter 1
Display a menu of options for performing common tasksSmart TagsChapter 2
Locate supporting information in local reference materials or on the InternetResearch serviceChapter 2
Mark up the document with comments, highlighting, and revisionsReading Mode Markup toolbarChapter 8
Specify that insertions be marked with a different color from deletionsSetting insertions and deletions to different colorsChapter 8
Make handwritten comments in Word documentsSupport for handwritingChapter 8
Turn off display of balloons for revisions and display the balloons for comments onlyControl revision and comment balloons separatelyChapter 8
Specify that only specific individuals have permission to modify a documentControl who can edit and format documentsChapter 8
Send a file as an attachment and automatically create a Windows SharePoint Services Web site, with a task list and other information that’s pertinent to the documentShared workspaceChapter 9
Access tools for creating XML documents and using XML data in Word documentsXML capabilitiesChapter 9
Extract the key points of the documentAutoSummarize featureChapter 12
View document statistics such as the average number of characters in a word, the average number of words in a sentence, and the reading level of the document.Readability StatisticsChapter 12

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