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Microsoft Office Specialist Skill Standards

Microsoft Office Specialist Skill Standards

Each Microsoft Office Specialist certification has a set of corresponding skill standards that describe areas of individual, Microsoft Office program use. You should master each skill standard to prepare for the corresponding Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam.

This book will fully prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification at the Specialist and Expert levels. Throughout this book, content that pertains to a Microsoft Office Specialist skill standard is identified with the logo shown in the margin.

WW03S-1Creating Content 
WW03S-1-1Insert and edit text, symbols and special characters4, 26, 31, 36, 45
WW03S-1-2Insert frequently used and pre-defined text26
WW03S-1-3Navigate to specific content11, 42
WW03S-1-4Insert, position and size graphics133, 144
WW03S-1-5Create and modify diagrams and charts129, 151, 156
WW03S-1-6Locate, select and insert supporting information38
WW03S-2Organizing Content 
WW03S-2-1Insert and modify tables108, 114
WW03S-2-2Create bulleted lists, numbered lists and outlines38, 68
WW03S-2-3Insert and modify hyperlinks200
WW03S-3Formatting Content 
WW03S-3-1Format text52, 74
WW03S-3-2Format paragraphs58
WW03S-3-3Apply and format columns124
WW03S-3-4Insert and modify content in headers and footers99
WW03S-4-1Circulate documents for review184
WW03S-4-2Compare and merge document versions187
WW03S-4-3Insert, view and edit comments173
WW03S-4-4Track, accept and reject proposed changes168
WW03S-5Formatting and Managing Documents 
WW03S-5-1Create new documents using templates82
WW03S-5-2Review and modify document properties272
WW03S-5-3Organize documents using file folders4
WW03S-5-4Save documents in appropriate formats for different uses4
WW03S-5-5Print documents, envelopes and labels93, 242
WW03S-5-6Preview documents and Web pages194
WW03S-5-7Change and organize document views and windows11, 16

WW03E-1Formatting Content 
WW03E-1-1Create custom styles for text, tables and lists52
WW03E-1-2Control pagination99
WW03E-1-3Format, position and resize graphics using advanced layout features133, 137
WW03E-1-4Insert and modify objects119
WW03E-1-5Create and modify diagrams and charts using data from other sources162
WW03E-2Organizing Content 
WW03E-2-1Sort content in lists and tables68, 108
WW03E-2-2Perform calculations in tables119
WW03E-2-3Modify table formats108, 114, 119
WW03E-2-4Summarize document content using automated tools272
WW03E-2-5Use automated tools for document navigation272
WW03E-2-6Merge letters with other data sources254
WW03E-2-7Merge labels with other data sources229, 236, 239
WW03E-2-8Structure documents using XML204, 242
WW03E-3Formatting Documents 
WW03E-3-1Create and modify forms214, 220
WW03E-3-2Create and modify document background87, 91
WW03E3-3Create and modify document indexes and tables259, 265
WW03E-3-4Insert and modify endnotes, footnotes, captions, and cross-references254, 258, 264
WW03E-3-5Create and manage master documents and subdocuments250
WW03E-4-1Modify track changes options187
WW03E-4-2Publish and edit Web documents in Word194
WW03E-4-3Manage document versions168
WW03E-4-4Protect and restrict forms and documents178, 182
WW03E-4-5Attach digital signatures to documents185
WW03E-4-6Customize document properties272
WW03E-5Customizing Word 
WW03E-5-1Create, edit, and run macros294, 298
WW03E-5-2Customize menus and toolbars281, 286
WW03E-5-3Modify default Word settings82, 292, 294

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