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Chapter 4. Arranging and Printing Documents

4. Arranging and Printing Documents

Chapter 4 at a Glance

In this chapter you will learn to:
Control a document’s design with a template.
Change a document’s background.
Change a document’s theme.
Preview and print a document.
Control what appears on each page.

Microsoft Office Word 2003 comes with formatting tools, such as templates and themes, that you can use to ensure the consistent presentation of entire documents. You can create documents based on one of Word’s predefined business or personal templates, and you can also create your own templates. To ensure a consistent and polished look for a document, you can specify a background for its pages and a theme for its major elements. You can control how text will appear in a printed document by specifying page and section breaks, and you can use headers and footers to hold information that appears on every page. When your document is complete, you can preview it and make adjustments to its layout before printing or distributing it.

In this chapter, you’ll create a new template by modifying one of Word’s templates. Then you will use the new template to create a fax cover page. You will also enhance the appearance of printed and online documents with watermarks and background formatting. After previewing how a document will look when printed, you’ll adjust its margins and page orientation before printing it. Finally, you’ll insert page and section breaks in a multi-page document, ensure that the page breaks do not leave single words or phrases at the top or bottom of a page, and add text that will appear at the top and bottom of every page.

See Also

Do you need only a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the Quick Reference entries on pages xxxviii–xli.


Before you can use the practice files in this chapter, you need to install them from the book’s companion CD to their default location. See “Using the Book’s CD-ROM” on page xiii for more information.

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