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Microsoft Office Specialist Skills Standards

Microsoft Office Specialist Skills Standards

Each Microsoft Office Specialist certification has a set of corresponding skill standards that describe areas of individual, Microsoft Office program use. You should master each skill standard to fully prepare for the corresponding Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam.

This book will fully prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification at either the Specialist or the Expert level. Throughout this book, content that pertains to a Microsoft Office Specialist skills standard is identified with the following Microsoft Office Specialist logo in the margin:

Microsoft Office Specialist Skill Standards

Skill NumberSkill Set and SkillsPage
XL03S-1Creating Data and Content 
XL03S-1-1Enter and edit cell content11, 17
XL03S-1-2Navigate to specific cell content17, 291
XL03S-1-3Locate, select, and insert supporting information17
XL03S-1-4Insert, position, and size graphics34
XL03S-2Analyzing Data
XL03S-2-1Filter lists using AutoFilter84
XL03S-2-2Sort lists120
XL03S-2-3Insert and modify formulas44
XL03S-2-4Use statistical, date and time, financial, and logical functions44
XL03S-2-5Create, modify, and position diagrams and charts based on worksheet data174, 190
XL03S-3Formatting Data and Content 
XL03S-3-1Apply and modify cell formats58
XL03S-3-2Apply and modify cell styles62
XL03S-3-3Modify row and column formats25, 58
XL03S-3-4Format worksheets101
XL03S-4-1Insert, view, and edit comments291
XL03S-5Managing Workbooks 
XL03S-5-1Create new workbooks from templates98
XL03S-5-2Insert, delete, and move cells25
XL03S-5-3Create and modify hyperlinks239
XL03S-5-4Organize worksheets25, 101
XL03S-5-5Preview data in other views101, 197
XL03S-5-6Customize window layout32, 98
XL03S-5-7Set up pages for printing73, 76
XL03S-5-8Print data197
XL03S-5-9Organize workbooks using file folders3, 266
XL03S-5-10Save data in appropriate formats for different uses3

Microsoft Office Specialist Expert Skill Standards

Skill NumberSkill Set and SkillsPage
XL03E-1Organizing and Analyzing Data
XL03E-1-1Use subtotals89
XL03E-1-2Define and apply advanced filters84
XL03E-1-3Group and outline data124
XL03E-1-4Use data validation91
XL03E-1-5Create and modify list ranges280
XL03E-1-6Add, show, close, edit, merge, and summarize scenarios132
XL03E-1-7Perform data analysis using automated tools138, 141, 146
XL03E-1-8Create PivotTable and PivotChart reports154, 185
XL03E-1-9Use lookup and reference functions248
XL03E-1-10Use database functions257
XL03E-1-11Trace formula precedents, dependents, and errors50
XL03E-1-12Locate invalid data and formulas91
XL03E-1-13Watch and evaluate formulas50
XL03E-1-14Define, modify, and use named ranges42
XL03E-1-15Structure workbooks using XML277
XL03E-2Formatting Data and Content
XL03E-2-1Create and modify custom data formats64
XL03E-2-2Use conditional formatting69
XL03E-2-3Format and resize graphics34
XL03E-2-4Format charts and diagrams174, 180, 190
XL03E-3-1Protect cells, worksheets, and workbooks298
XL03E-3-2Apply workbook security settings298, 303
XL03E-3-3Share workbooks288
XL03E-3-4Merge workbooks296
XL03E-3-5Track, accept, and reject changes to workbooks293
XL03E-4Managing Data and Workbooks
XL03E-4-1Import data to Excel234, 272
XL03E-4-2Export data from Excel234, 237
XL03E-4-3Publish and edit Web worksheets and workbooks266
XL03E-4-4Create and edit templates98
XL03E-4-5Consolidate data110
XL03E-4-6Define and modify workbook properties3
XL03E-5Customizing Excel 
XL03E-5-1Customize toolbars and menus223, 226
XL03E-5-2Create, edit, and run macros216, 220
XL03E-5-3Modify Excel default settings25, 57, 98

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