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Chapter 10. Visualizing an Organization > Working with an Organization Chart

Working with an Organization Chart

In many organizations, reporting relationships change frequently—because of promotions, special projects, or changes in resource allocations. Visio helps you keep your chart up to date by making it easy to find, arrange, and update employee information. For example, when an employee is promoted, you can change the shape used to represent that employee in the organization chart. Table 10-1 summarizes the ways you can work with employee shapes in an organization chart.

Table 10-1. Finding and Updating Organization Chart Information
Locate an employeeEnsure no shape is selected, press Ctrl+F or choose Edit, Find. Type the name of the person or any other text string, select the search options you want, and then click Find Next.
Change the type of shape used for an employeeRight-click the shape, and then choose Change Position Type. Select the new position type, and then click OK.
Change the order in which an employee is displayed under a managerSelect an employee shape, and then click one of the Move buttons on the Organization Chart toolbar.
Change a reporting relationshipDrag an employee shape onto the new manager’s shape. Visio reconnects the affected shape.
Remove an employee and all custom property information stored with the employee shapeSelect the employee shape, and then press Delete. If the same employee appears on more than one page (that is, you’ve created synchronized copies), delete the shape from each page.
Adjust a group’s layout after a shape is moved or deletedSelect the top-level shape in the group, such as the manager. On the Organization Chart toolbar, click Horizontal Layout, Vertical Layout, or Side-By-Side Layout, and then click the style you want.
Adjust the spacing between selected shapes or all shapesChoose Organization Chart, Change Spacing. Select the options you want, and then click OK.



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