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Part 8: Appendixes > Installation Features

Installation Features

Table A-1 lays out the installation features of Visio 2003, most of which are primarily of interest to information technology professionals who are responsible for installing software for organizations.

Table A-1. Visio 2003 Installation Features
Systems Management Server (SMS) deploymentSupport for SMS simplifies installation. You can deploy Visio 2003 to selected personal computers on the local network and at remote sites.
Improvements to Windows Terminal Server installationWindows Terminal Server is an extension to the Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server product line that allows multiple, concurrent users to access Visio in a secure Windows environment through terminal emulation. Among the improvements is faster performance time for users of Visio.
Install on demandYou can defer installing features until you need them. Later, if Visio detects that a particular feature is needed, it displays a message so that you can install the feature immediately—without restarting the product.
Self-repairIf Visio encounters a missing, corrupted, or unreadable file, it can repair the defect. Visio reinstalls the failed component automatically from the original source of the installation.
Group Policy supportThrough Group Policy support, you can now secure registry settings for Visio 2003 so that users cannot change Visio behavior.



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