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Part 8: Appendixes > Index to Troubleshooting Topics

Index to Troubleshooting Topics

AArcsAn arc’s eccentricity handles don’t show up657
BBackgroundsAfter adding a background to a flowchart, text on the connectors appears with an obvious box behind it280
 Behavior commandAll the options are unavailable on the Placement tab in the Behavior dialog box72
 Behavior commandCustom option is not available, or nothing happens when you select a double-click action749
 Boundary shapesText looks fuzzy after adding Boundary shapes to a floor plan776
CCAD conversionConverted CAD objects become ungrouped491
 CAD conversionConverted CAD objects are no longer solid494
 CAD drawingsInserted CAD drawing can’t be repositioned or rotated on the page487
 CAD drawingsWhen you add Visio shapes to an inserted CAD drawing, they’re the wrong size481
 Calendar shapeWhen you try to subselect a calendar shape to format it, an error message appears333
 Color Scheme commandColor Schemes command is missing or nothing happens when a color scheme is applied60
 Concentric Layer shapesText doesn’t fit in an onion layer317
 Connections and glueShapes won’t stay connected, and the handles don’t turn red68
 Connector textA connector line shows through text even though the text background is solid383
 Custom Property setsAfter editing property names in a set, the changes do not appear in the Custom Properties window for selected shapes188
DDatabase menuDatabase menu is no longer visible556
 Database model diagramsVisio does not create the foreign key when you connect parent and child tables575
 Distribute Shapes commandDistribute Shapes command doesn’t arrange shapes precisely enough453
 Door shapesDoors are not oriented correctly, and I can’t rotate them528
 Double Tree and Multi-Tree shapesWhen moving a tree branch, the entire tree structure moves instead315
 Drawing file distributionYou need to share a Visio diagram with someone whodoesn’t have Visio218
 Drawing scalesCopied shapes look out of proportion when pasted into a scaled drawing511
EExport To Database comandAdd button is not available in the Export To Database dialog box720
 Exporting shapesSome shapes don’t appear when exported to other formats221
FFind Shapes commandFind Shape tool does not locate master shapes that have been customized619
GGantt chart alignmentVisio doesn’t align simultaneous tasks correctly341
 Graphics displayVisio displays HTML code instead of graphics162
 GroupsWhen you subselect a shape in a group, you can’t reposition the shape673
 GuidesA shape won’t snap or glue to a guide or guide point445
IImporting CAD filesCAD file does not import as expected in Visio478
 Importing DWG filesAfter importing a DWG file, the drawing scale cannot be changed480
 Importing graphicsAn imported image doesn’t appear correctly in an embedded diagram223
 Importing graphicsQuality is poor with an imported graphic file225
 Importing graphicsAn imported graphic cannot be edited in Visio as expected227
 Importing graphicsImported drawing can’t be selected or right-clicked482
 Insert Picture commandInsert Picture From Scanner Or Camera command won’t work228
LLay Out Shapes commandLay Out Shapes command doesn’t lay out certain shapes in the diagram76
 Lay Out Shapes commandConnectors go haywire when using the Lay Out Shapes command with a flowchart268
 Linked drawing filesDeleting records from a linked Excel worksheet causes an error730
 Linked shapesCopying a linked shape either copies the same link or doesn’t copy any link726
 Linking and embeddingYou receive an error when you edit a linked or embedded diagram210
 Linking and embeddingMessage to update links gets in the way of the presentation356
 LinksWhen you click a link to a Visio diagram, Internet Explorer opens instead of Visio153
 LinksIn Netscape Navigator, multiple hyperlinks appear on the shape but they all jump to the same place160
MMacros in fileOpening a Visio drawing file causes a message about macros to appear30
 Milestone shapesAfter typing a milestone or interval description, the date disappeared328
NNetwork shapesWhen typing to replace a label on a network shape, Visio creates a new label instead of overwriting the existing one381
OOpen commandOption to open a file as an original or copy, or as readonly, seems to be missing611
 Organization chart layoutThe organization chart looks too crowded or the spaces between the shapes are uneven297
 Organization chart layoutThe automatic layout options have no effect on the organization chart298
PPatternsCustom line end pattern doesn’t appear when you apply it to a line704
 Pencil toolWhen closing a line segment, the line stretches instead646
 Plan menuPlan menu does not appear on the menu bar, or commands on the Plan menu seem to be missing769
 Print commandPrint command causes a page orientation error243
 Print commandYour drawing prints on multiple pages, and you want it to fit on one page247
 Print commandEnlarging a drawing causes unnecessary blank printed pages248
 Print commandSaving a file causes it to print255
 Printing shapesSome shapes don’t appear in the printed drawing253
 Printing textPrinted text looks different from text on the screen258
 Process engineering shapesA new shape in a PFD or P&ID does not show up in the Component Explorer or Category Explorer824
 Process engineering shapesAn equipment shape in a P&ID or PFD no longer works—its tag and other information have been deleted837
 Property Reporting WizardYou can’t find the Property Reporting Wizard used to create network reports in Visio 2000389
RRefresh Data commandRefresh Data command does not update the information in the space plan784
 Refresh Data commandRefreshing the data in the space plan overwrites changes that were made to the diagram785
 ReportsWhen running a report, Visio displays a message that no shapes had the selected properties or satisfied the report selection criteria194
 Reverse engineeringSome elements of the C++ project were not reverse engineered correctly605
SSave As Web Page commandError appears when you try to rename a file created by the Save As Web Page command159
 Search for Shapes commandSearch For Shapes doesn’t locate a shape that’s used in a diagram41
 Shape colorsWhen you copy shapes to another Visio drawing file or Microsoft Office document, they change color709
 Shape formattingA shape won’t accept formatting57
 Shape formattingWhen you copy shapes to another Visio drawing file, their formatting changes684
 Shape NamesShape names are not readable on stencils26
 Shape selectionShape cannot be selected44
 Shape selectionA shape cannot be stretched or resized57
 Shape SubselectionSubselecting a shape in a group causes gray box handles to appear47
 Shape vertexYou can’t select the vertex you want to change in the ShapeSheet window648
 Shapes WindowThe Shapes window splits the stencil windows in two20
 Space plan shapesAfter adding space shapes to a floor plan, all the furniture and other shapes have green stripes772
 Space plan shapesAfter you have added network or other shapes to a space plan, they don’t appear in the Explorer window791
 Space plan shapesShapes and text in a space plan are too large795
 StylesNothing happens when a style is applied to a shape684
TTask bar shapesAn error appears when you select a task bar shape343
 Text colorText in the drawing file won’t display in a transparent color252
 Text colorYou need text in Visio to be a specific color that doesn’t show up well on a slide350
 Text displayText appears smoother than in Visio 2000, but it’s not as legible at different zooms85
 Text displayWhen you type in a shape, Visio zooms in so that the text is legible, but then when you work in the drawing, you can’t read the text anymore86
 Text displayIs there a way to distinguish “model space” text from “paper space” text as some CAD programs can do?90
 Text displayText in the drawing looks different than it did in previous versions of Visio251
 Title block shapeTitle block shape resizes unevenly when stretched138
UUML menuUML menu is no longer visible586
 UML Model Explorer windowModel Explorer is no longer visible588
 Ungroup commandVisio displays a message when ungrouping670
WWall shapesWalls don’t connect correctly523
 Wall shapesWhen you add shapes to a floor plan, you accidentally move walls and other structural shapes534
 Web site map shapesSome shapes in the site map appear dimmed395
 Web site mapsList and Filter windows don’t display a type of link that the Web site includes399
 Web site mapsSite map doesn’t display all the levels that were specified in the Generate Site Map dialog box402



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