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Chapter 24. Working and Collaborating On... > Using the Task Pane to Initiate Onli...

Using the Task Pane to Initiate Online-Related Tasks

The task pane introduced in Office XP continues to play a major role in Office 2003. Among the task pane’s many features, you’ll find a number of Web and network related options that enable you to use the task pane to integrate online capabilities as you work. In particular, you can open the task pane by choosing View, Task Pane (or pressing Ctrl+F1) and then use the Getting Started task pane along with other task pane views (accessible by clicking the task pane title bar) to perform the following Internet-related tasks:

  • Create a new blank Web page or e-mail message. In the New Document task pane, click the Web Page or E-Mail Message link.

  • Access templates stored on your Web sites and in the online Microsoft Office Template Gallery. In the Templates section in the New Document task pane, click the On My Web Sites or Templates On Office Online link.

  • Access Microsoft Office Online and the Office Update Web sites. In the Word Help task pane, you can access online help as well as assistance and training from the Microsoft Online Web site. Furthermore, you can access newsgroups by clicking the Communities link, and you can visit the Office Update site by clicking the Downloads link. Finally, in the See Also section, you can link to additional help information, including Microsoft contact information.

  • Search online. In the Search Results task pane, you can search Microsoft Office Online as well as Office Marketplace.

  • Search for additional clip art items online. In the Clip Art task pane, click the Clip Art On Office Online link.

  • Research facts and update research tools. In the Research task pane, you can update your research services as well as obtain new services from Office Marketplace. In addition, many research services require you to be online to benefit from their services.

  • Translate documents via the Web. In the Research task pane, you can select Translation as your research tool, and then click the Translate Whole Document arrow to access an online translation service.

  • Share documents, schedules, lists, and other information in shared workspaces. The Shared Workspace task pane enables you to access and work with shared documents and workgroup members.



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