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Chapter 27. Revising Documents Using Mar... > Familiarizing Yourself with Markup T...

Familiarizing Yourself with Markup Tools

When you collaborate on a document, you can use Word to track and merge people’s changes and comments, highlight information to draw attention to selected text and graphics, store versions of documents throughout the development process, and add ink and voice comments. Specifically, Word provides the following reviewing and markup tools:

  • Comments Enable you to annotate a document with suggestions and queries without actually changing the document. In Word 2003, you can add text, ink, and voice comments to documents. Comments are identified by comment markers in the text, which can be either insertion lines or parentheses, as described in “Adding and Managing Comments Effectively” on page 753.

  • The Highlight tool Enables you to draw attention to particular information (including a letter, word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, graphic, and so forth) by adding a color background behind the information, as described in “Using the Highlight Tool” on page 750.

  • Ink support for tablet PCs Enables you to draw and write on documents directly by using a stylus or other drawing device. Using ink on a Tablet PC is discussed in “Inserting Ink Comments and Annotations” on page 762.

  • The Track Changes feature Records editing changes, including deletions, added content, and formatting changes made to a document. Word can track and color-code changes from multiple reviewers, and the changes can later be evaluated and accepted or rejected on a case-by-case or global basis. For more information about the Track Changes feature, see “Tracking Changes” on page 774.

  • The Versions feature Maintains multiple versions of a document in a single file so that you can easily return to past versions of the changed document. “Working with Multiple Versions of a Document” on page 787, describes the Versions feature in more detail.



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