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Chapter 30. Performing Mail Merges > Creating a Directory

Creating a Directory

All the merge operations in this chapter thus far have covered ways you can take multiple data items and plug them into documents you can replicate easily. There will be times, however, when you will want a complete listing of the records in your source file. You might, for example, want to keep a listing of all the people you sent a catalog mailing to in fall 2003. To create a directory of records from your data source, you can use the Mail Merge Wizard. Here are the steps:

Start the wizard by choosing Tools, Letters And Mailings, Mail Merge. The wizard opens in the task pane.

In the Select Document Type section, click Directory. Click the Next link.

In the Select Starting Document section in step 2, choose whether you want to use the current document, select a template, or open an existing document for your directory. Click the Next link.

In the Select Recipients section in step 3, choose your data source by opening an existing file, using your Outlook Contacts list, or typing new source data. Again, click the Next link.

In the Arrange Your Directory section of step 4, click the fields you want to insert (most likely you’ll want only Address Block). If you want to add additional fields, click the More Items link to display the Insert Merge Field dialog box and make your choices. Click the Next link.

In step 5, preview your document. Don’t worry that only one record is shown in the document window to preview; you’ll see an entire list when the merge is completed. Click the Next link.

In step 6, click the To New Document link in the Merge section. Click All and then OK in the Merge To New Document dialog box. The merge is completed and the directory is displayed in your document window. You can now save the directory file and use it for future merge operations.



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