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Chapter 16. Formatting Documents Using T... > Creating New Documents Based on Exis...

Creating New Documents Based on Existing Templates

When you install Word, the setup program provides numerous wizards and templates. You can find additional wizards and templates on the Web, most notably by accessing the Templates page on the Microsoft Office Online Web site. With all these prebuilt templates at your disposal, you can easily create new documents based on templates without having to create a custom template. In this part of the chapter, you’ll learn how to create new documents based on templates that you have on hand or can access easily. Building templates from scratch is discussed later in this chapter.


Some built-in Word templates aren’t available

When Word is installed as part of a typical Office installation, some built-in wizards and templates are installed directly onto your computer, but other wizards and templates are loaded by the Windows Installer the first time you try to access them. If you click Customize instead of Install Now when you first run the setup program, you can install additional templates and wizards at that time.

To make additional built-in templates available after Word is installed, follow these steps:

Run the setup program (either from disk or from the Add Or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, in which case you’d click Microsoft Office 2003, and then click Change), choose Add Or Remove Features in the setup dialog box, and then click Next.

Click the Choose Advanced Customization Of Applications check box, and then click Next.

Expand the Microsoft Office Word node by clicking the plus sign, and then expand Wizards And Templates to view the list of built-in wizards and templates.

Click the Wizards And Templates arrow, and choose Run All From My Computer from the menu that appears. To install only a few additional templates and wizards, click the arrow next to each wizard or template you want to add, and then choose Run From My Computer.

Click Update to install the wizards and templates.

By indicating that you want templates and wizards to run on your computer, you’ll be able to access the templates and wizards without having to run the Windows Installer program.



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