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Chapter 20. Creating and Controlling Mas... > Merging Subdocuments - Pg. 548

Creating and Controlling Master Documents 548 Merging Subdocuments Although splitting documents into subdocuments for organizing, editing, and enhancement purpo- ses is a useful function, there will be times when you want to combine subdocuments after you've worked with them independently. To merge two subdocuments, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open the master document with links to the subdocument files. Click Expand Subdocuments to display the contents of the subdocument files. Make sure that the subdocuments you want to combine are next to one another. For more on moving subdocuments, see "Rearranging a Master Document," on page 589. Select both subdocuments by clicking their subdocument icons. (Press and hold Shift while you select the second subdocument.) Click Merge Subdocument on the Outlining toolbar. The second subdocument is combined with the first. Note When Word combines subdocuments, the first file "takes on" the addition of the new data and everything is saved into that file. Separating Subdocuments If you create a new topic or want to divide a subdocument into two, simply create a new heading at the point where you want to make the break (or raise an existing heading to a Heading 1 level), and then click Split Subdocument on the Outlining toolbar. The subdocument is divided at the insertion point.