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Chapter 5. Using Writer's Advanced Featu... > Use the Mail Merge Wizard - Pg. 118

Using Writer's Advanced Features TIP 118 If you want to convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF, use Writer as your intermediary! Open the Word document in Writer and then save the document using Writer's PDF file- saving feature. 1. Request PDF Export Select File, Export to PDF to display the Export dialog box, where you save your document to the PDF format. Not only are PDF documents readable on virtually every computing platform, but your graphics, tables, headers, footers, multiple columns, and all other formatting remains intact as well. Type a Filename Type the filename you want to use for your PDF document in the File name text box. Make sure the File format box reads PDF--Portable Document Format (pdf). Leave the Automatic file name extension check box selected to ensure that your exported document retains the proper .pdf filename extension. If you want to give someone a file in the file format but don't want to allow them to make changes to the document, use the File sharing options section in the Security page of the Options dialog box to designate the document as read-only. Save the File Click the OK button to save the file. TIP NOTE 2. 3.