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Chapter 13. Making More Impressive Prese... > Create Presentation Handouts - Pg. 283

Making More Impressive Presentations 283 3. Double-click the text box with the placeholder text Click to add notes . Type any notes that go with the current slide. You can apply all the usual text-formatting commands to your notes, including increasing the font size (see 90 Format Presentation Text). Continue Adding Notes Press PageDown to move to the next slide and add notes where needed throughout the rest of your presentation. You don't have to add notes once you've completed all the slides. If you display the Notes view after creating each slide, you can add notes along the way. Print the Notes If you prefer to print your notes instead of following along on your laptop as you give your presentation, you can print each slide and the notes that go with them. Select File, Print, click the Options button in the Print dialog box, and click to enable the Notes check box. Set the Default Note Formatting If you want to set up a master format for your notes, you can select View, Master, Notes Mas- ter to show the master slide. Select the placeholder text that reads Click here to edit the notes format and then right-click the text to display the formatting menu. You don't have to select the text before right-clicking, but sometimes it's wise; if the note's text box and not the note text itself is still selected, the right-click menu won't display the needed formatting commands. NOTE 4. 5. Create Presentation Handouts BEFORE YOU BEGIN 85 Print a Presentation SEE ALSO 104 Turn a Presentation into Online Web Pages Handouts can benefit your audience because they can take home ideas and tips from your pre- sentation. You control what goes into your handouts. You don't have to print every slide in the presentation. Doing so would only cost you paper and would not necessarily benefit your audience. Instead, select the slides that mean the most to your presentation. Consider the following handouts as important, depending on your presentation: · · · · · · Your presentation's title, goal, and your name Your contact information (website, phone number, email address, and so on) Critical ideas within your presentation Numerical examples the audience can study at their leisure Goals for the audience Take-home action items that the audience might want to do as a result of your presentation TIP · Products you or others sell that relate to your presentation and that will benefit your audience You'll use the Handout view to select specific handouts from your presentation. 1. Request the Handout View Select View, Handout Page (or click the Handout tab atop your work area) to enter the Handout view. The handouts master slide appears. KEY TERM handout. Handouts master slide--A slide that shows the formatting and number of slides per