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Lesson 12. Using the Address Books > Creating Mailing Lists

Creating Mailing Lists

To send a mail message to more than one person, you can type each person’s name, separated by a comma, or you can create a mailing list. To create a mailing list, follow these steps:

Select Groups from the Personal Address Book Navigation pane.

Click the New button on the Action bar and choose Group.

The Basics section of the Group document is displayed, as in Figure 12.5. Type a short, descriptive name for your group in the Group Name field.

Figure 12.5. Mailing Lists can save time when you are addressing mail.

The form and information found for contacts in your Personal Address Book differs from the information you find on an individual in the Company Address Book. For example, the Company Address Book does not have a field for a web page or birthday. You might want to record this information about a fellow co-worker because lots of people have personal web pages these days. In this case, instead of creating a new contact in your Address Book, copy that person from the Company Address Book into your Personal Address Book. Once added to your Personal Address Book, complete the information you want to keep. Remember, you don’t need to copy the Company Address Book into your Personal Address Book for the mere purpose of being able to send email to a fellow employee. However, if a person’s name or address changes in the Company Address Book, you will have erroneous information in your Personal Address Book. If you are a mobile Notes user, please be certain to read Chapters 18, “Instant Messaging,” and 19, “Customizing Notes,” so you have a full understanding of Address Books and replication.

When you receive a mail message from a person who is not listed in your Personal Address Book, you can add that person to your address book. Open or select the mail message and then click the Tools button on the Action bar and select Add Sender to Address Book.

You can ignore the Group Type field entirely and leave it as Multipurpose, or you can click the small triangle to the right of the Group Type field and select Mail Only for your group. The other options, Multipurpose (the default), Access Control List Only, and Servers only, are for use by your system administrator.

Type a short description of the group in the Description field. Although this is not a mandatory field, it might remind you why you created this group.

Click the down arrow next to the field and select the names from your Personal Address Book.

Lotus Notes saves a copy of your mail by default. Including yourself in a group results in your having two copies of a mail message, the one you saved and the one you sent to yourself as a member of the group.

When you’re done, click the Save and Close button.



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