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Chapter 3. Modifying a PDF File > Crop Pages - Pg. 34

Modifying a PDF File 34 If you did not select the Extract Pages As Separate Files check box in step 2, Acrobat extracts the specified pages into a new file named Pages from plus the name of the original file. This is a temporary name only; Acrobat prompts you to save the file before closing it or exiting Acrobat. Crop Pages Before You Begin 1 Create a PDF in Acrobat 2 Create a PDF from Multiple Files See Also 9 Rotate Pages 38 View a PDF in Full Screen View Cropping refers to setting display or print boundaries that are smaller than the original document dimensions. Acrobat allows you to crop several different types of document margins for screen display, printing, high-end printing, and print production. Cropping only defines what portion of the document is displayed or printed, it does not actual alter the information in the document in any way.