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Chapter 14. Forecasting Results > Look Up a Price - Pg. 227

Forecasting Results 227 Look Up a Price Before You Begin 64 Make an Automatic Calculation See Also 84 Set Up a Database List 86 Find Selected Records A typical retail business sells multiple products whose prices can change rapidly and often. When you fill out an order form, you can look up the current price the hard way: Pull out a written price list and enter the amount. Or you can ask Excel to look up the price for you. If you maintain a price list in an Excel worksheet, you can enter any price updates in that worksheet. On another sheet, you can maintain an order form. When you fill out the order, you can ask Excel to go to the price list worksheet, find the item, look up the current price, and enter it in the form. A lookup function looks for an item in a designated table array . The function then scans across the table to the price column, retrieves the price, and places it in the order form.