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Key Terms - Pg. 407

407 Key Terms Don't let unfamiliar terms discourage you from learning all you can about If you don't completely understand what one of these words means, flip to the indicated page, read the full definition there, and find techniques related to that term. A cell reference that does not change if you copy the formula elsewhere. Page 180 Anchor A Writer placeholder that shows itself as an icon of a boat anchor. 122 Anchor point One corner of a range of cells; typically, the upper-left cell in a range is considered the anchor point. 198 Arc Half an ellipse, such as a half-moon. 127 Arguments Values appearing inside a function's parentheses that the function uses in some way to produce its result. 205 Ascending The sort method where lower values are sorted early in the list and higher values fall at the end of the list. 284 AutoCorrect The ability of programs to analyze what you just typed and replace with a cor- rected version if needed. 143 AutoFilter A Calc database filter where you select from a list of values to filter by and view. 285 AutoFit The ability of AutoFormat to keep the original widths and heights of the cells that AutoFormat formats. 229 AutoFormat The process that Calc uses to format spreadsheets from a collection of predetermined styles. 224 AutoLayout A predesigned slide layout for Impress presentation slides. 302 AutoPilot Preformatted guides that help you create personal and business letters and forms more easily than if you began with a blank page. 33 Cell A row and column intersection in a Writer or Calc table or spreadsheet. 111 Absolute reference