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Hour 24. Smart Documents and XML > Advantages of Smart Documents and XML - Pg. 466

Smart Documents and XML 466 XSL Transformations convert the source XML document into a customized XML version of that document that is geared toward a particular output (or other use of the information in the document). In many cases the actual conversion of the document to its final output media, say a PDF or an online help file, is handled by an application that reads the transformed XML file and generates the final output. The complex range of possible transformations of a document can be quite overwhelming. In Word, Microsoft uses the concept of a solution to package the components involved in a transformation. Word solutions can also incorporate Smart Documents (described in the next section) to further simplify the process. Standard Word formatting can, optionally, be saved saved in an XML document. Word uses XML elements defined in the WordML schema to store formatting information. In addition to formatting, WordML provides a way to store document metadata, such as tracked changes, protected regions, and document properties while maintaining XML compatibility. The WordML schema definition is not stored in the Schema Library with your XML schemas, so you won't see it when browsing sche- mas. As you'll see later in this hour, when you save an XML document you can specify whether to include the WordML information in it. If you save an XML file without applying your own schema to it, Word saves the document in WordML (in other words, it applies the WordML schema to it). When you save an XML file as XML (by choosing XML Document in the Save As Type list in the Save As dialog box), the file is stored on the disk in plain text. You can also save an XML file as a Word document or Word template. If you save the file in either of these formats, the file is stored on disk in Word's binary format and, although the XML markup in the file is preserved, the file will not be accessible to other applications that process XML files. What Are Smart Documents?